Dynaudio’s New Contour – Danish Speaker Excellence!

One of my favorite speaker companies, Dynaudio, hailing from Denmark, is updating an old friend.
I’m not talking plastic surgery here...!

Founded in 1977, Dynaudio has been engineering and building speakers for a long time.  Along with their own speakers, they even provide drivers for other manufacturers, as well as professional audio (recording studios) and car audio.  Bugatti even uses them as their car audio supplier…   Nice!
OK, back to that old friend, the Contour series.  These Danes have several lines of speakers, and the Contours sit in the middle of it all and for years have been some of their best sellers. 

Well, out with the old, in with the new.
A complete overhaul has occurred.  The tweeters are now Dynaudio’s Esotar 2 unit, previously seen in the company’s flagship models.  Newly engineered woofers are present as well with new aluminum voice-coils and speaker diaphragms.  Even the cabinets were reimagined, with an aluminum front baffle and heavily braced, curved multilayer enclosures.

What does this all mean?
You hear a better soundstage (depth and width), excellent imaging (placement of instruments or voices) and improved dynamics as well as deeper and more well-defined bass. 

Nobody likes muddy bass!
Four speaker models will be available in the Contour lineup:  the Contour 20 bookself, Contour 30 2-way floorstander, Contour 60 3-way floorstander, and a center channel known as the Contour 25C.  Available furniture-grade finishes are walnut satin, white oak satin, piano black and piano white.  High gloss rosewood or bubinga are available by special order.

Available at fine audio establishments in a few months, I highly recommend a listen with your favorite tunes should you happen to be in the speaker market.  I predict your ears will be impressed, in a Danish sort of way…!
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