The Honey Badger Cocktail – I Really Do Care…

By now you surely have heard of the Honey Badger and the viral video for that “crazy nastyass” critter.

He just don’t care…

The fame created here has been oddly inspirational to the mixology glitterati, as Honey Badger blends have appeared on cocktail menus near and far.  Unfortunately, I find the great majority of these creations to be incomplete.
What, somebody left out the ice..?

What two things come to mind when you talk about a Honey Badger?  Honey, of course, and a bite…  The recipes are covering the honey aspect in various creative ways, but you need the bite to complete the flavor canvas.  Unless, of course, you just don’t care…
I have finally found the blend of ingredients that fits the bill, created by the excellent mixology team at Cienfuegos in New York.  There are a couple of ingredients you need to build, so plan ahead for this one.

And now ladies and gents, without further ado, may I introduce, my definitive Honey Badger Cocktail…

·         1 ½ oz rum – use a good quality aged rum
·         1 oz Laird’s Applejack
·         ½ oz hot honey syrup – recipe below
·         ½ oz passion fruit syrup – recipe below
·         ¾ oz fresh squeezed lime juice
·         Jalapeño slice for garnish

Combine ingredients over ice and stir to chill.  Consume.
Here are the two syrup recipes you want to make ahead…

Hot Honey Syrup

·         1 ½ cups honey
·         10 oz water
·         2 oz white rum
·         5 jalapeños

Combine honey and water and bring to a boil.  Add the rum and peppers and blend well.  Pour through a fine strainer.  Syrup will keep for two weeks.
Passion Fruit Syrup

·         2 cups passion fruit puree
·         2 cups white sugar

Combine and cook on low heat, stirring regularly until blended.  Let cool and refrigerate for up to two weeks.
I really do care!  Cheers!!!