CRN’s Atlante - Super Yacht or Battleship?

In sharp contrast to other yachts from Italian builder CRN, the exterior design of the 180-foot Atlante sports a decidedly militarized look.  Venice-based yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard penned the dark, angular and brooding craft, lending a distinct presence that stands out in the luxury yacht crowd.

It’s not a Battleship…

Once aboard, you lose the military vibe courtesy of a subtler design touch from Gilles & Bossier interior design.  You will find the expected luxury trimmings and style in a crisp and clean aesthetic.  A killer master suite, stylized living areas, a customized “beach club” and various automatic sun roofs are among the features present and accounted for.  And don’t forget the 20 tons of marble…
Did I say “20 tons”?

Indeed, there are 20 tons of marble walling throughout the yacht’s interior.  Apparently marble does float.  Truly rock and roll…!
For a closer look, check out CRN’s video tour.  This is one killer battleship… er… yacht…!

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