Aluminous Audio – The Gravity of Music

One of my favorite finds at this past year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a cleverly engineered and excellent sounding set of speakers from Aluminous Audio.  I was immediately struck by the excellent soundstage they were producing in the sonically challenged demo room at the show.

Visually I did a double-take as well, as the Gravitas loudspeaker system uses gravity as an isolation technique.  The results look like nothing else out there, and judging from the sound, it appears to be an effective bit of engineering innovation.

Owner / designer Luke Zitterkopf apparently harbors ill-will toward vibration and resonance.  Not only is he pioneering the gravity isolation, but he also uses fully-sealed aluminum cabinets in the name of vibration banishment. 
Another design decision applied to the Gravitas speakers is that of a separate stereo pair of subwoofers.  The reason here is more flexibility in room placement options in order to better tune the speakers to the listening room.  The mids and highs generally sound best in a different location than the lows.  Careful placement of the monitor speakers and the separate subwoofer pair will reduce room resonances and open up the ever-important soundstage. 

Not willing to leave things be, Luke has recently made a couple of upgrades to the speaker system.  The first is the application of a crossover component referred to as HDB (High Definition Balance).  This update “removes distortion generated by the mechanical action of the drivers.”  The benefit is a reduction in high frequency distortion.
Yes folks, better sound…!

The second update is the use of new, patent pending IVCM (Isolation and Vibration Control) footers for the subwoofers.  These footers provide a level of mechanical isolation from the floor, further eliminating deleterious room resonance effects and tightening up the bass for an improved soundstage presentation.

Even better sound…!

The Gravitas Generation II will be debuted at AXPONA 2017 in room 542.  Stay tuned for my listening impressions in Connoisseur Corner’s follow-up show coverage.

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