Is it a Bimmer or a Beemer..?

I absolutely, positively have to say: it depends... But the good news is that there is a correct use for each term.

Of course we are referencing the parent company BMW, otherwise known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, manufacturer of both cars and motorcycles.

The final three words of the previous sentence hold the key to the answer. It goes something like this: Back in the early days, around WWI, BMW got its start building motorcycles (not to mention the airplane engine thing – more on that in another blog). Of course, crazy as we speed freaks tend to be, people used to race these BMW motorbikes. One of their competitors back in the day was a company called BSA. Over time a racetrack slang or nickname developed for both brands: Beeser for BSA and Beemer for BMW.

Since that time, and the history is a bit vague on this, the cars have come to be known as Bimmer. It was probably just a way for BMW car enthusiasts to differentiate themselves from BMW motorcycle enthusiasts.

So Connoisseurs, remember your terminology:

Beemer = BMW motorcycle
Bimmer = BMW automobile