Join the Canadian Club

I’m not talking about a secret northern organization here, but rather a Canadian rye whiskey. Hiram Walker began distilling whiskey in the mid 1800s in Detroit, which was known as Walker’s Club Whiskey. With the onset of prohibition, the business was moved across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. Canadian Club is to this day the largest distillery in North America with exports to over 150 countries. Current varieties offered are:

· Canadian Club 6 Year Old – the original blend.
· Canadian Club Reserve – aged 10 years, with a richer character.
· Canadian Club Classic – 12 years of aging in oak barrels.
· Canadian Club 100 Proof – 6 year aged with a stronger taste.
· Canadian Club Sherry Cask – 8 years in oak and then further aged in Sherry casks. (the Connoisseur’s favorite!)

The Connoisseur is a fan of the smooth and mellow taste, and gives Canadian Club a high recommendation!

Canadian Club is often drunk on the rocks with ginger ale, cola, or lemon-lime sodas, as well as in mixed drinks such as whiskey sours or rusty nails.

C.C. with a soda - in rocks glass:
· 1 ½ parts Canadian Club Whiskey
· 4 parts soda (ginger ale, cola, or lemon-lime)

C.C. Whiskey Sour - in rocks glass:
· 2 parts Canadian Club Whiskey
· Juice of half a lemon
· ½ teaspoon sugar
· Maraschino cherry