Types of Tequila...

OK Folks… Now it’s time to learn a little something about the varieties of your favorite hangover induction liquid… Tequila..!
There are two categories: Tequila Mixto ( mixed ), which contains a minimum of 51% juice from the blue agave plant, and Tequila 100% Agave – yes, it’s all Blue Agave!

  • The Connoisseur says to avoid Tequila Mixto, sometimes labeled as just “Tequila”, as it contains other sugars along with the Agave juices, including caramel color, sugar based syrups, and oak extract flavoring. Not only does this dilute the pure tequila flavor, but the extra sugars will add to that head-pounding hangover. Stick with the “Tequila 100% de Agave” and you won’t be disappointed.
The two categories listed above are divided into five types as shown by their labels:
Tequila Blanco or Silver
This is the original, traditional style. Bottling is done directly after the distillation process, maintaining the pure color, bouquet and flavor of the blue agave.

Tequila Joven Abocado or Gold
This tequila is flavored prior to bottling with the addition of flavorings and colorants, such as caramel. The Connoisseur would prefer you avoid Gold Tequilas.

Tequila Reposado or Rested
It is a Blanco Tequila that has been aged in wood barrels or casks between 2 and 11 months. The wood tends to mellow and balance the flavor and aroma.

Tequila Anejo or Aged
For an Anejo, the Blanco Tequila is aged in the wood casks for more than 1 year. The aging process darkens the Tequila further to an amber color, adding more richness and complexity.

Tequila Extra AnejoThis newest classification follows essentially the same process as Anejo, but ages in barrel for a minimum of 3 years. Darker, richer and even more complex, this is the big league of Tequilas.
So...  You are now educated on all things agave.  Time to celebrate... might as well do so with a shot..!



thanks for the info on tequila.. I always wonderred why tequila gave me hangovers.. now I know it was because it was bad tequila

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Mr C., now that I know more about the grades of Tequila, which brands are better? I've tried Herradura and it's pretty smooth, but is it one of the Top 5 brands you'd recommend?

This connoisseur guy is brilliant...I now know that tequila does not have to taste like crap...Thanks Connoisseur :)

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