A Car Interior – The Inside Story

Ergonomics, Design, Fit and Finish, Quality of materials… Each is an important factor in the perceived excellence of the interior of a car, SUV or truck.

One can certainly make the argument that the most important aspect of a car to the owner can be the interior, and how it makes one feel. After all, that IS where you spend your time on the road. I know of very few people that lean out their window, staring at the car while driving down the road.

Providing you are like most vehicle owners on the road, you spend a great deal of time in the seat of a car. Doesn’t the average American drive 15,000 miles per year? My question is: what emotion does the interior of your car illicit when you sit behind the wheel. Is it cozy, warm, comfortable, calming, does it make you feel special..? Or is it dull, boring, monochromatic, and snooze inducing..?

In the search for the company with consistently superior automobile interiors, the connoisseur has experienced all of what the industry has to offer. There is currently a clear winner here, but the competition is learning and catching up fast. Mind you, I am omitting the ultra high-end makes such as Bentley, Maserati or Rolls-Royce. (I’ll talk about these later.)

And the Connoisseur recommended automotive interior is: Audi

They have been the industry standard for several years now and should be lauded for their work. Go have a seat in an A8, S5 or an R8 and you will see what I mean…