Don’t be a Blockhead – Use a Boos Block

Cutting boards…

You see dozens of types in the stores these days. They seem to come in every conceivable shape and size. And how many products are they made out of? Woods, granites, 73 different types of plastic. The choices are almost bewildering…

That’s where the Connoisseur comes in. Believe it or not, with this myriad of options there is one company that stands out to us. John Boos and the Boos Block.

The John Boos Company makes almost every imaginable type of wood cutting surface. Do you want a cutting board, a stand-alone butcher block, an entire counter top? You name it, they can do it. After all, the company has been around since 1887, so they have had a few years to practice!

These are the best cutting surfaces out there. Add one to your kitchen, as we consider it an essential. The Connoisseur loves the end-grain boards, as they are extremely durable and highly resistant to any warping.
John Boos and the Boos Block are officially Connoisseur Corner Recommended..!