The Newest Cat

While there are always many new models on the horizon from the world’s auto manufacturers, a few are arriving this year that we are going to keep a close eye on…

Let’s talk today about one across the pond.

…from one of Her Majesty’s companies. Jaguar, struggling the last few years and currently for sale by owner Ford (who also is struggling) is due to replace their mainstream sedan, the aging S-Type. The replacement is the XF, designed under the watchful eye of one Ian Callum, formerly of Ford and working with Aston Martin as well. Representing a new design direction, the XF is a definite looker and we feel a step in the right direction for the future of the company.

It will initially come in three trim levels, the Luxury ($49K) and the Premium Luxury ($55K), both with a 300 hp V-8. The third is the SC ($62K) which gets a supercharged V-8 kicking out420 hp as well as nearly all offered options.

Early drives indicate this is one slick cat. With a high quality interior, solid body structure and first rate driving dynamics, the XF should rate well. It’s main rivals will be the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class and Lexus GS.

The Connoisseur approves, but can this car save Jaguar..?