Sign Your Name

And now for the category of “things you don’t normally think about”.

Something you do nearly every day, and the tool you use to get it done: Writing and the Pen.

Let’s forget about keyboards and pencils for the moment and focus on pens. They have been around since days long, long ago. Reed pens, quill pens, and more.

You’ve heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Discovered in 1947 they date back to approximately 100 BC and were written with bird feathers or quills.

Now to more recent history, or more precisely 1906…

This was when two German fellows by the name of Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein got together and created the Simplo Filler Pen company producing high quality pens in Hamburg. In 1934 the company changed its name to a variation of what is now known today as…


Quality, design, craftsmanship, artistry – all hallmarks of the pens from Montblanc. In our opinion, truly the best of the best.

If you want to treat yourself to a little piece of luxury, look no further, and sign your name…