What is the Cloverfield Monster?

If you are a fan of the television series LOST, then this movie should have your attention. J.J. Abrams, creator of the aforementioned TV drama has come up with what looks to be an intense version of Godzilla meets the Blair Witch project…

Well, not exactly…

The movie trailers for Cloverfield seem to show only explosions and mayhem in New York City caused by something unseen. Knowing Abrams style from LOST, are we really talking monsters, or maybe aliens, or..?

As for the Blair Witch reference, the film is shot from the point of view of a video camera a la the Blair film, beginning with the requisite group of friends and a going away party. From there, things seem to go a bit, uh… downhill. Talk about a bad hangover! For now, the rest of the story is being left up to our fertile imaginations.

The release is set for 1-18-08, so get your advanced tickets now and get in line. Let’s see if we can become LOST in the destruction of New York.