Cookbooks: The Goofy Italian

Years ago, while the wife and I were visiting some friends of ours in Mountain View, we had a discussion over dinner (and drinks, of course) about who they referred to as the “Goofy Italian” chef with the show on PBS. I recall being told of an Italian accent that would come and go, and silly hand gestures for the camera.

In the weeks that followed, I did a bit of research to learn more about that crazy Italian chef: Nick Stellino.

Born in Palermo, Sicily in 1958, Nick came to America in 1975. In 1991 he began his cooking career, apprenticing for several accomplished Italian chefs. The PBS cooking show career began with the 1995 debut of Cucina Amore and more recently with Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen.

Several cookbooks were published along the way of course, a few of which the Connoisseur has in the collection. A good starting point would be his Glorious Italian Cooking. This contains my favorite versions of some staples including Pasta Alla Vodka and Pasta Carbonara, along with other excellent recipes.

Yeah, he may be goofy, but he can definitely cook. Connoisseur Corner Recommended!