A Fan of Fandango

(If you are expecting a blog on Andalusian courtship dancing, you may want to look elsewhere.)

I love movies.

But I have to admit, I don’t go out to the movies very often these days. I would just rather wait those several months and then watch the film in the comfort of my own home. Well, for the most part…

Occasionally a big blockbuster film will debut, and I absolutely, positively have to see it on the big screen! This usually means within the first week or two of release, which in turn means long lines. Like most of you I am not a fan of being in queue for an hour and 23 minutes just to get to the ticket booth only to be told the time you want is SOLD OUT..!

This brings us to that Spanish courtship dance. Uh… no. This brings us to the Fandango website.

A nice, convenient way to order your movie tickets in advance by computer or telephone, Fandango allows you to avoid the lines at the theater and get the showtime that fits your schedule. They do charge a fee for using their service, but that is the price of convenience. You can search by theater location or movie and you’re off and running.

The Fandango website also has movie descriptions and reviews, as well as previews of coming attractions.

On the business front, Comcast purchased Fandango early in 2007 and there will no doubt be changes ahead. We know of plans to integrate it into their Fancast website, which is due mid-2008.

So for now, do the Fandango, buy your popcorn and candy and enjoy the show..!