Santorini...Beautiful and Dynamic in the Mediterranean

Boom! Crash! Whoosh!

You’ve just witnessed one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the history of our planet, occurring some 3,500 years ago during the peak of the Minoan civilization. Not only did the eruption give rise to the legend of Atlantis (subject for another time), but it also left behind a small group of islands in the south Aegean Sea about 120 miles south-east of Greece’s mainland.

Named by the Venetians for Saint Irene in the 1200s, it has now become Greece’s most popular tourist island, and for good reason…

Breathtaking views, fantastic beaches, vibrant nightlife and what many believe to be the most beautiful sunsets in the world – all here at Santorini.

The island, sometimes referred to as Thera, is easily accessible by air or ocean ferry and the busiest tourist season is during the summer months. Hundreds of hotels and villas are available for your stay. Some of our favorites are the Volcano View VIP Villas – each with its own private pool and veranda – and the Hotel Katikies.

So go and enjoy. Take in the views and vibrancy, and be sure to try the tomato keftedes…Yum!