Airline Survey – Southwest Wins Again!

Do you love to fly? Do you hate to fly?

Is it just a necessary evil?

The last few years it sure seems to me that the customer service from the airline industry has been suffering. According to the following, I am not alone...

The University of Michigan has been conduction an annual customer service survey regarding airline travel. For the third straight year, the results have taken the proverbial nose-dive. This year’s results being high on the grim scale.

The worst offender honor this year is awarded to US Airways, with a score of 54. United was only slightly better, earning a 56.

As has been the case recently, and as I gave away in the title, Southwest reigns supreme with an overall score of 79. The fact that Southwest does not operate on a hub system, as do the other major carriers, seems to work in their favor, cutting down on congestion and maintaining a decent on-time record.

Now we can tack on the higher ticket prices – courtesy of fuel costs – and all the little extra charges for luggage, food and beverages, etc, and airline travel looks rather gloomy for the immediate future.

If I can just invent that teleportation device..!