American Idol – The Right David

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way right up front – the Connoisseur watches American Idol.

There, I said it…

And it was the big-time in Idol-land this week, with the long awaited finals on tap and probably garnering the highest Nielsen ratings for the week.

Like most of you out there, once they get to the top 10, I pick out who I think should win, or at least be in the top two. My opinion is tempered from a musician’s background, which oftentimes differs from the common perspective. Fortunately America agreed with my assessment that it should come down to the two Davids.

DA and DC…

…and did the right David win? Absolutely!

Was I surprised that David Cook won? Absolutely!

I thought for sure that the teenie-bopper vote would pull the youngster over the top, but it was not to be. America got this one right…

Now mind you, young David can truly, as Randy Jackson phrased it, “sing the phonebook” and make it sound good. The bottom line however, is that he needs another year or so to season – to get that maturity level onstage that he will need. The voice is already there at 16, which is truly an amazing thing.

DC by contrast is a viable artist right now. Judging from what we’ve seen to date he possesses the talent, style, maturity and creativity to set a career in motion as we speak. (Yeah I know, just consider this blog a conversation.)

An interesting storyline to watch now is how David’s career will compare to that of one Chris Daughtry. Very similar musical genres, similar voices… Daughtry has also displayed a keen songwriting talent, as shown on his debut album. This will be the major hurdle for David Cook – will he have what it takes..?

All-in-all it was another entertaining year from the Idol media machine. Good luck to both of the Davids and we will be back again next year…