Caipirinha – New Drink of Spring

As springtime is upon us, the warm and humid days begin to have an effect on the drink cravings. I find that some of those winter recipes just don’t cut it anymore.

Well, this spring, let’s change it up a little bit. Veer away from the Mint Juleps and the Long Island Iced Teas of years past and try a cocktail just a bit different…

The Caipirinha (kai-pee-reen-yuh)

We can thank the Brazilians for this one, folks. It is essentially their national drink. The last few years it has become very popular in Europe as well, and is now showing up across America.

The basis for the Caipirinha is a spirit that has been made for some 500 years called cachaça.

Ca-what..? (That would be ka-shaa-suh)

Think of it as being very similar to rum, in that it is also distilled from unrefined sugar. The flavor has similarities as well, but is a bit more tart or sharp.

And now for the vital statistics, otherwise known as a recipe…


· 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
· 8 lime wedges (1 lime)
· 2 oz. cachaça

Sprinkle sugar over the lime wedges in an old fashioned glass and muddle. Fill with ice, top with cachaça and stir. Enjoy..!

Of course I need to toss out a few variations on this delicious and stealthily powerful beverage.

1. First, in regards to the mixing process – some folks prefer to do the muddling in a shaker and then shake with the cachaça and strain into the old fashioned glass over ice. This is not traditional, but certainly fine.
2. Key limes may also be used – just increase the qty a bit as they are smaller.
3. Occasionally a splash of club soda is added.
4. You can also change up the fruit and go with kiwis, passion fruit, mango or even pineapple. Let your imagination run wild..! (not THAT wild!)

There you have it..! On that next sultry evening, mix a few and enjoy…


Just for the record, rum is made from molasses by-product(left over)of the process when producing raw sugar while cachaça is made from the fresh squeezed sugar cane juice. Any questions you can contact me at americas@ypioca.com.br