Apple Grows A New iPhone

Enough of the swirling rumor mill, already…

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone in his Keynote address at the 2008 WWDC in San Francisco, ending speculation as to the feature set and capabilities that would be included.

Yes, it has 3G capability. (We already knew this one, didn’t we…?) - You can look forward to faster downloads and internet browsing.

Yes, it has built in GPS - Judging from Jobs’ remarks, Apple is banking quite a bit on the future of location services.

Yes, it has better battery life (at least according to Apple) - While we wait to judge this in person, it would be a welcome improvement.

Yes, there will be third party applications - A greater variety of “toys” for the iPhone will add to its appeal.

Yes, there is a new case and screen..? - Uh, actually yes and no here, as the screen is the same size but the case has a different backing.

Yes, there is a new price point..! - Most industry insiders were surprised by how low Apple is going here, with the new 8GB iPhone coming in at $199 and the 16GB model for $299.

There you have it, iPhone maniacs. I recommend getting in line July 10th for that July 11th release. It looks to us as though this will be worth the upgrade.