Fast Luggage for Your Fast Car

The luggage isn’t technically “fast”, but…

So you just picked up your dream car – that $100,000+ piece of rolling sculpture you have been lusting after for years. Now it’s drive time! The little weekend getaway for you and yours.

Of course a weekend getaway requires luggage. Unfortunately, if you put Samsonite into that fine European automobile, it may burst into flames! (Just kidding, folks)

Here’s what needs to happen: When you pull up to the valet in your Ferrari, why not have him unload some Ferrari luggage?

Yes, Ferrari has luggage (pictured above) and they are not alone. Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini and others can outfit you with the necessary bags to make your trunk happy.

So when you are ordering your car, be sure to check off one extra item in the accessory category and load that trunk with some special luggage.