Laser in the Television..!

After showing a prototype at the CES show in January, Mitsubishi is announcing the availability of their 65-inch LaserVue television due in stores this fall. This will be followed by a 73-inch set later in the year.

Freakin’ laser beams…

Yes, laser beams. Mitsubishi has been pretty mum on the exact technology behind the scenes, other than telling us a laser is the light source for these DLP style sets, as opposed to a bulb. Mitsubishi claims the laser to be the purest light source available, yielding far superior color depth. Viewing angle is also significantly improved over DLPs from years past, not to mention a depth of only 10”.

Other specifications of note: a 120-Hz display, 3D capability (glasses required) and a power consumption rating half that of comparable LCD and plasma sets.

Pricing has not been released yet, but we expect it to be competitive with the LCD and plasma competition. This set should be well worth consideration if you are in the market for an HD set in this size.