U2 – Remastered and Re-released

U2, the preeminent rock and roll band of the past several years, has remastered their first three albums and will be releasing them July 22nd. This follows up last year’s release of the band’s remastered Joshua Tree (1987).

Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983) will be available in standard single CD, deluxe two-disc sets with unreleased extras and even vinyl formats. Included will be new packaging as well as updated liner notes, photos and complete lyrics.

Guitarist Edge oversaw the process, as each album was remastered from the original audio tapes. As studio technology has improved over the years, we expect a nice improvement in the mix / sound quality of these discs.

If you’re a U2 devotee or just a rock and roll fan in general, the boxed set might be well worth investigating.