DirecTV Joins VOD War

Satellite provider DirecTV has officially launched their video on demand service, available to all current customers or future clients.

Known as DirecTV on Demand, the service has been in beta testing for several months, but as of the end of June it is now in final form for all subscribers. This puts the nation’s largest satellite provider in good position to do battle with Comcast and other rivals for the public dollar.

So, what exactly does DirecTV on Demand get me..?

According to the company, currently more than 4,000 standard definition and HD titles are available for download. These include TV series, movies and various specialty programming shows such as music, history, education, etc. Many of these programs are free, while some remain in a pay-per-view format.

You will need one of DirecTV’s HD DVR units to participate. Also required will be a broadband high-speed internet connection, as most titles will be downloaded over the internet as opposed to satellite.

We look forward to the VOD competition over the coming years. There are quite a few participants in the battle and in the long run the consumer will benefit because of this. Keep in mind though, that if you are expecting Blu-ray quality sound and video for the movies, you’re not going to see it – stick to the actual discs for now until VOD technology takes the next step.

Also note that while “on demand” may imply that you can instantly watch your selection, you do have to wait for a percentage of the material to download before you can begin viewing.

If you are already a DirecTV subscriber, this is a no-brainer to sign up for. Demand the video of your choice and enjoy..!