A Carat For Your iPhone

So you’ve got that new Apple 3G iPhone, carrying it around, showing it off…

We’ve all seen it...

Then all of a sudden, unfortunately you are no longer the king of the hill… That is, unless you have one of only 50 of these made-to-order phones. Swiss jeweler Knalihs Athem is adding a little something to your run-of-the-mill iPhone: 4.5ct worth of 400 brilliant cut diamonds, to be exact.

With such a small amount of these slated for worldwide production, odds are you will never see another one other than your own. I think that is what they call exclusivity!

How much? Let’s say it falls in the “if you have to ask…” category.

And if you don’t care for all things Apple, you are in luck..! 20 Nokia 8800 Arte models are slated for production as well.

Is that your cell phone ringing..?