Gotta Have: Kobalt Tool Chest

For those of you with that stunning house and that stunning car parked in that stunning garage, it’s time to throw out that little red toolbox and get something that echoes the surroundings. Some garage furnishings that are up to standard.

The Kobalt 53” stainless steel tool chest.

Can a tool chest be “stunning”? Well, probably not. But this baby is pretty darn sweet!

Let me run down the list of features…

· Sturdy stainless steel construction with heavy-duty casters that have...get this…shock absorbers! This baby is rated at 4000 lbs.
· 16 storage drawers for your tools, gadgets and gonkulators.
· A built-in four plug power strip.
· Two LED lights.
· A 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator. (Can you say “beer”?)
· A Pioneer AM/FM CD player and speakers, all built right in.

Without question this is a “gotta have” tool chest. As the Kobalt web site so elegantly states, this baby is “worthy of enshrinement in your Garage Mahal.”