Our Favorite Travel Web Sites

Some folks – possible the slightly off-kilter type – may think that surfing the web is akin to traveling the world.


To travel, you have to get up out of that chair and physically change location, and I’m not talking about going to the other room to make a sandwich. Merriam-Webster defines it as follows: “to go on or as if on a trip or tour; to move or undergo transmission from one place to another”.

Many of us love to travel, feeding a bit of that wanderlust, or maybe just getting away from the stress of everyday life. Unfortunately in this day and age it can be a bit tricky. Luckily the web / internet that I mentioned above can be a useful tool in the travel planning stages.

Now we all know about Travelocity, Orbitz and Hotels.com. Here are a few other sites that we like. They may aid you in the research and planning process so you can undergo transmission to another place…

Kayak.com – this is an aggregator, essentially searching several of the travel sites at once for airline deals or hotels.

Tripprep.com – a resource for overseas travel with embassy listings, vaccine recommendations and crime reports.

Hotelchatter.com – an accumulation of hotel reviews (uncensored at that!) from around the world.

Lastminute.com – as you might guess, the specialty here is finding deals for those last minute weekend getaways.

Chowhound.com – A resource for foodies at locations around the globe.

Xe.com – A global currency exchange site. Browse to it on your smart-phone for help whenever you need it.

Dontforgetyourtoothbrush.com – A handy tool for that pre-travel checklist.

Now make those plans and go..!