Forbes 400 – The Winner Is..?

Since 1982, every September Forbes Magazine has published a list of the wealthiest 400 Americans based on net worth.

So what does this have to do with Jerry Seinfeld..?

Well…nothing, other than that his new best buddy (if you believe the latest commercials) has regained his place atop the list.

Yes, Bill Gates is back at the top after being briefly overtaken by Warren Buffett. Buffett actually dropped $12 billion to a total net worth of $50 billion courtesy of the drop in Berkshire Hathaway stock. Gates is at $57 billion.

Other big losers this year were casino moguls Sheldon Adelson and Kirk Kerkorian, out $13 billion and $6.8 billion respectively. Both are still firmly on the list, but 33 members fell off this year with declining fortunes.

On the upside, Patrón tequila founder John Paul DeJoria was among the big gainers this year, but that list was topped by New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg. He jumped from $12 billion to $20 billion, placing him at No. 8 overall on the list.

If you want to join this esteemed group, you’d better get to work now. The minimum net worth at the bottom is $1.3 billion..!