Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Get Your Tickets!

The upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver are many moons away…

Or are they..?

If you happen to be caught in the debate of attending these Olympics, you’d better come to a decision soon, as the first phase of event ticket purchase occurs October 3rd.

The official ticket agent for the United States, as licensed by the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC), is a company called CoSport. (They also handled the Beijing games.) For the above mentioned “first phase”, CoSport will begin taking online ticket requests for individual events. The requests are then compiled and, if they exceed availability for a certain event, a lottery is held to award the tickets. A second phase will occur in the spring of 2009 with the remaining event tickets being released on a first come-first served basis.

CoSport can also act as a sort of travel agent and handle any accommodations or hospitality packages as needed. Think of them as your one-stop Olympic shop.

A few points to keep in mind…

CoSport is a broker. The ticket prices will be higher than what the Canadians pay for them, as residents of the host country can purchase directly from the Olympic Committee. If you have any friends up in the Great White North, have them hook you up and save some money.

Also, if you change your mind about attending an event, CoSport will not offer a refund. You are permitted to resell them at face value only - CoSport will cancel the tickets if they find out that they are being sold for profit.

And last but not least, remember to dress warm..!