Wine Lover’s Cookbooks

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food..!” -Anonymous

Yes, I love to cook. I also happen to love wine. While my name is not “Anonymous”, I certainly would agree with the previous quote. Wine and food are without a doubt simpatico…

During my ventures over the years into kitchens, wineries and other miscellaneous locales, I ran across a pair of wonderful cookbooks authored by Sid Goldstein that really fill the wine/food niche. Both books have mouthwatering recipes aplenty, along with a generous helping of wine and food related tidbits – somewhat educational without being ponderous.

The first cookbook is titled The Wine Lover’s Cookbook: Great Recipes for the Perfect Glass of Wine. Released in 1999, this book takes readers through food and wine pairings in a structured manner, but manages to utilize great variety in the dishes and ingredients involved.

Book number 2 is The Wine Lover Cooks with Wine: Great Recipes for the Essential Ingredient. As the title suggests, this 2004 cookbook focuses on recipes that include wine as an ingredient, as well as pairing suggestions for those dishes.

The recipes from both books are of a consistently high quality and will supply you with enjoyment in both creating and devouring the contents within. I would suggest obtaining both books, as they seem to complement each other nicely. Connoisseur Recommended..!