Blackberry’s Bold Storm

For you fans of the Blackberry brand of smartphone, or as it is referred to by my associates – the “Crack-berry”, you are now faced with some sweet upgrade options.

AT & T has the Blackberry Bold (pictured left), a global 3G smartphone with a sleek aesthetic and a new user interface, but still maintaining a family resemblance to current Blackberry models. This smartphone pretty much covers all the bases with GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Camera, QWERTY keyboard, and probably the best screen of its type.

Everything about this phone is enhanced compared with previous BBs, from that sweet screen and new UI to the much improved browsing, the speed, the keyboard – the list goes on. Definitely recommended for the Blackberry aficionado.

And then there’s the Storm. With this phone, you could say that Blackberry and Verizon (the sole carrier) are jumping into the eye of the iPhone storm…

The Blackberry Storm (pictured right) is aimed squarely at the competition, but manages to have its own uniqueness. Some items that set it apart from the iPhone – expandable memory, removable battery, stereo Bluetooth capability, tactile screen feedback (this is really slick once you get used to it) and more…

We are impressed with the Storm’s feature set and usability and feel it is the best alternative to the iPhone currently available.

Overall, both units are well executed and won’t disappoint. The final choice is up to you – give them both a try and see which Blackberry fits the bill…