Dreaming of a White Mercedes Christmas

Yes, now you can do all your Christmas shopping at Mercedes-Benz…and I’m not talking cars for Christmas.

The German car manufacturer has unveiled a new line of holiday gifts for the whole family, all in brilliant white.

(Would that be a snow correlation..?)

Whatever the reason, the monochrome collection has something for everyone. Adults can choose from a high-tech mountain bike or various clothing items such as polo shirts, dress shirts, jackets, gloves and more.

What about the young-uns? Mercedes has got you covered in the big toy category with an SLK styled cart and a sleek snow sled for the slopes. Of course all the basics are present as well – the pajamas, hats, jackets, mittens and the obligatory miniature SUVs.

Now you can give that special someone a Mercedes-Benz for Christmas and not have to park it in the garage..!

Happy Holidays..!