Mickey Mouse Goes Racing

Disney has opened their latest attraction in Florida, and this one is for grown-up speed freaks only..!

But don’t call this a “ride” like some new-fangled roller coaster. We would call it more of a…


The Indy Racing Experience puts you behind the wheel of an actual Indy car (used in past Indianapolis 500 events). Don your helmet and fire suit and let the pit crew strap you in. Off you go for eight laps of the speed and g-forces that define Indy car racing.

The fun takes place at the Walt Disney World Speedway, located just outside the gates of the Magic Kingdom. One mile in length, the tri-oval features three uniquely banked corners and elevation changes on the back straight.

For the wimpy fans out there, you may opt to be a passenger in a modified two-seater driven by an Indy Racing League driver for a 3-lap tour.

Pricing for the ride along is $109 with the full-tilt drive experience at $399. Certainly an experience you won’t soon forget..!

“…start your engines!”