The 2009 BMW Z4 Breaks Cover

BMW’s update to its diminutive 2-seat roadster, the Z4, has now appeared in official company photos. It’s still small, and it still has a disappearing top, but…

Ragtop no more…

The fabric convertible top is slowly retreating into history, only to be replaced by the ever more common folding hardtop, which is the case here. 20 seconds is all it takes to bring the sky into full view, or block out the rain, whatever the case may be.

Two engines will be offered initially, including the carryover 255 hp inline six cylinder, as well as the 300 horse twin-turbocharged version now proliferating throughout the BMW model range. Other options include a six-speed manual or seven speed dual clutch (DCT) transmission, hard drive based navigation system with 15 gigabytes available for mp3 storage, and a 16 speaker (2 subwoofers included) stereo system to wake the occupants in the car next to you.

Overall we like the top-down lines of the update. The impression is of a substantially longer, leaner car – it is almost 6 inches longer than the previous generation. However, viewing in person may yield a different story. The new Z4 is due to appear in public for the first time at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

For now, we give the remodel our stamp of approval. Order the turbo motor with the DCT transmission and sport package and “drive it like you stole it..!”