A Gourmet Gingerbread House?

You may have memories as a kid of making a gingerbread snaps, or gingerbread cookies. It’s something associated with the holiday season.

Gingerbread apparently originated in the town of Market Drayton in Shropshire in the late 1700s. Not only has it evolved into the crispy snaps or shaped cookies, but gingerbread is also famous for being fashioned into houses, courtesy of the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel.

And now for the “over-the-top” portion of our regularly scheduled programming…

Apparently some bored pastry chefs have made the gourmet gingerbread house a popular item. Companies such as Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma are now marketing kits or full blown completed houses to the hungry holiday public. Here are a few links to these holiday housing confections…

· Stonewall kitchen – a fully assembled or DIY house
· Williams-Sonoma – a gingerbread house or a full-on Manor
· Sur La Table – another house kit.
· A Bountiful Harvest – an enchanted mansion awaits..!

Get that appetite ready and place an order…!