2009 Detroit Auto Show

Let’s face it, the days of the fun and over-the-top crazy car shows are gone… for the time being.

Unfortunately for the reeling auto industry, I firmly believe this will feed their misery. People that are excited about cars are more likely to purchase, and show cars tend to rev up the public and generate interest. Now that most manufacturers are cutting back on their display vehicles, the exhilaration is certainly at a lower level these days and prospective clients may fade into the woodwork – something they cannot afford.

Enough of the mini-rant…

As one might have speculated, green was prevalent at the Detroit Auto Show this year. Whether it was high mileage, hybrid or full electric vehicles, they were all on display. However there was still some old school Detroit influence at the show as well. Here now are a few of our picks for “best of”…

Fisker Karma S (pictured above) – A droptop version of the Fisker Karma, the “S” is billed as the “World’s First Hybrid Convertible”. Keep an eye on Henrik Fisker and his company..!

Lexus HS 250h – The world’s first “luxury hybrid”..? We like that this car removes some of the hybrid-ness of other designs.

BMW Z4 – Best production car debut. Now a hardtop convertible, the Z4 gains size, power and a more muscular design – climbing a few rungs up the ladder on the prestige scale.

Volvo S60 Concept – A radical departure for Volvo’s styling department. We hope this one makes it to production without a serious overhaul.

Cadillac Converj – Maybe it’s just a redone Volt, but it has been redone very well..!