A Party for Oscar

With the 81st Academy Awards on the horizon, it’s time to begin planning that Oscar viewing party.

Some folks like to keep it mellow and sit at home with a pizza and bottle of wine and watch the proceedings. Others tend to go all out, rolling out their own version of the red carpet and inviting large quantities of revelers over for the event.

For those with the actual party in mind, you now have some official help. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants you to celebrate…


The folks at the Academy have put together the Oscar Party Kit. (The phrase “brilliant marketing” comes to mind here)

Everything you need for a knock-down drag-out Oscar brawl is here. Appetizer, entrée and dessert recipes from Wolfgang Puck get things rolling. Official Oscar cocktail recipes (more on this in an upcoming blog) are here for the bartender to conjure. Party planning ideas from Cheryl Cecchetto include a shopping list and demonstration video. Games including Oscar Bingo and Trivia can be downloaded to play, along with the requisite Oscar ballots for predicting the winners.

There you have it – instant Oscar-fest.! Enjoy..!