Slumdog Millionaire Rules the Golden Globes

After a two year hiatus courtesy of last year’s writer’s strike, Hollywood’s glitzy drink-fest otherwise known as the Golden Globes returned with a few surprises.

In the weeks leading up to the award ceremony, the majority of the buzz seemed to center around The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as well as Frost/Nixon.

Then came the little film that could…

The Bollywood story of an orphan boy rising from hardship on the streets of Mumbai via a gameshow, Slumdog Millionaire has captured audiences and critics alike. Enough so that four awards were sent in its direction: Best Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Musical Score.

As the Golden Globes are often a barometer for the Oscars, we will see if this momentum carries over to the Academy Awards ceremony in February. We think it will certainly be the odds-on favorite.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to do so before the Oscars – get your ticket now!