Andre Garcia for Cigar Travel

And now a thought for the cigar lovers out there…

Just say “no” to sandwich bags, or freezer bags, or zippered whatever you call ‘em!
It’s time to step up to a product that is designed for the job. Something that will protect and preserve your fine smokes and do it with style as you go out on the town or for an extended vacation.

Let me introduce you to Andre Garcia cigar cases.
A relative newcomer to the industry, the Andre Garcia brand has quickly developed a reputation for quality and luxury. The founder of the company, Abhik Roy is to be credited for this, having spent years in the business making cases for other labels and realizing what the market was missing.

The cases are available in several designs, all of which are hard-sided and lined with cedar. The majority are leather finished, with a wide selection of colors and grains and many custom options available. Sizes range from 1, 2 and 4 fingers (cigars) all the way up to a 40 finger cigar briefcase.

Want something a bit more exotic; try a case from the crush-proof Buffalo Horn Collection. Yes, it really is buffalo horn!

Prices range from $25 up to $600.