BMW’s Ferocious Trucks

The enthusiastic folks at BMW’s Motorsport division are at it again! They have moved into uncharted territory this time, taking on 4-wheel drive SUVs and turbocharged engines.

Are they crazy..?

We say they are just having fun…and maybe targeting the Porsche Cayenne Turbo at the same time.

The vehicles or “trucks” in question? The recently released X6 and the second generation X5.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, the M division was set to make a major departure from past engine philosophies. The SUVs are the perfect platform to launch the turbo trend with their ability to create substantial power while being more economical than the high-revving regularly aspirated motors of the past.

What does the M treatment get you? For starters, that turbocharged V8 puts forth 555 horsepower with torque at 501 lb-ft. Serious get-up and go..! The six speed automatic transmission and “X-drive” all wheel drive systems have all been massaged into go-fast specification as well. Add in the sport calibrated air suspension, servotronic power steering, M Dynamic Mode traction control and a launch control system for quick getaways and the performance level expected of an M-badged BMW is at the ready. Visual cues include revised front and rear fascias, as well as M-specific wheels and interior bits.

Now you can take three of your friends…and all of their gear, and get there really, really fast!

Ferocious indeed…