The Death of Kuro

We have talked in the past about Pioneer’s Kuro plasma televisions. For quite a while they have simply been the best there is when it comes to flat-panel televisions.

We have also mentioned that the plasma TV format may be a dying breed. This unfortunate trend for plasma televisions combined with the global economy has taken an unfortunate toll.

Say goodbye to Kuro…

Apparently Pioneer just wasn’t making money on the plasma sets and has decided to concentrate on home audio and in-car electronics. The current model lineup should be available in stores for a while yet, so be sure to get out there and pick one up if you are in the market for a flat-panel set. You can probably even work a nice deal now, armed with this information.

For the immediate future, once the Kuro sets are sold out, Panasonic looks to become the plasma king of the hill. Let’s hope they can continue to develop the technology and properly market it to stay in the plasma business, if for nothing else other than to give the consumer a choice…