Coastal Jet Service – A New Way to Fly

Coastal Jet Service, a startup private jet service headquartered in White Plains, NY, aims to take the hassle out of flying by executive jet. The angle here is that no fractional ownership, contracts or minimums are required.

Do you need to go from New York to Los Angeles? Simply book a reservation and go!

Currently offering daily flights between White Plains, New York and Burbank, California, Coastal Jet Service will be expanding shortly to include routes to Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas and London.

The benefits of Coastal Jet Service are many. First and foremost, you can take an hour or more off your flight time as compared to a standard airline flight. You can thank the Citation X jets used by Coastal – these babies are fast. You also eliminate airport time – show up 10 minutes before the flight and you are good to go.

Luxury is a large part of the equation as well with full-leather reclining club seats and individual multimedia stations including TV and DVD. Top it off with a gourmet food menu and cocktails and it adds up to one fine travel experience. Even the luggage compartments are heated!

The current one-way rate is $4,600, with a percentage going to St. Jude’s charity.

Happy flying..!