DropStop for Wine

Today let’s travel to the land of cool things for wine…

Sure, wine itself is “cool”. However, it can occasionally be a bit of a mess. You know the dinner party where you have to carry a towel to keep those wine drops at bay while you pour? We have a solution…

Invented by a Danish fellow after, you guessed it…spilling red wine on a white tablecloth, the DropStop is pure genius. It is simple to use, sturdy, and works flawlessly. The Connoisseur has been steadfastly drinking several bottles of wine for testing purposes, and not a drop in sight! You simply roll up the disc and then insert halfway into the bottleneck.

Say goodbye to wasted wine.

If you are a wine drinker, this is an absolute must have in our book. Highly recommended..!


Do you really use this? PS, you spelled "sight" wrong.