LaCinema Classic Bridge Media Player

There is no question that digital media is taking over the planet..!

Well, maybe not in a “rule the world” sense, but there is no question digital media and the associated hardware has a prominent role in today’s lifestyle. Smartphones, USB thumb-drives, digital cameras, mp3 players…the list goes on.

Now that you have all this hardware and the associated media files, how do you integrate them into your life? Do you want to be limited to viewing your digital photos on your computer? Or only listening to your mp3 files over crappy headphones or computer speakers?

This is where LaCie and their LaCinema Classic Bridge come in to play. Connect the device to your HD television or home theater via the HDMI cable. Next, connect your portable memory to the Bridge and use the remote to navigate through your pictures, videos or music files. You can even install a hard drive into the bridge for permanent media storage, supplementing any external devices.

With a wide variety of media format support and features such as upscaling capabilities, this is truly a premium device at a minimum price. $99.99, to be exact. The thing even looks cool..!

The LaCinema Classic Bridge is available online directly from LaCie or at various retailers.