Sansa – the iPod Alternative

Has it struck you yet that navigating iTunes is not really the most user friendly activity in the world? Microsoft’s solution isn’t any better in our book. At the C-Corner we have been longing for a player with simple drag and drop functionality.

We’ve found it..!

The company is Sansa, long in the memory business; they have also been making players for a while now. The key with these players…when you attach them to your computer via a USB connector, they merely show up as another drive on your system with full drag-and-drop functionality. Have some mp3 files you want to listen to? Simply drag them over to the Sansa player “drive” and you are good to go.

Bottom line, we love the simplicity and the time savings.

Of course Sansa has a few models to meet your needs. The Clip is their diminutive player with a mini-screen and, as the name implies, a clip to attach to a belt or clothing. Memory ranges from 1 up to 8 GB. The Fuze is the next step up in size and has a full color screen along with up to 8 GB of storage space. Sansa’s top dog is the View, with the large color screen and up to 32 GB of capacity.

If you are in the market for that portable player, give these a try. We think you will end up with fewer headaches in the long run!