VuNow – Easy Web for the TV

As we continue to barrel down the path of television and internet convergence, a plethora of products are coming to market to aid us along the way. One such product that we like is the VuNow.

A rather diminutive and inconspicuous box, the VuNow Internet TV platform is rather robust in its abilities…

· Wired or wireless connectivity to your computer/network.
· Easy navigation via the TV-friendly user interface, along with a built-in video search engine.
· Videos available from YouTube by category, as well as dozens of other sites.
· Live television channels from around the world.
· A large selection of Movies from Crackle, CinemaNow and more…
· Live Internet radio.
· Access to any personal media (music, photos, videos) you may have stored on your computer, USB drive or NAS.
· Our favorite: no subscription fees..!

Models for both standard definition and high definition televisions are available at $129 and $149 respectively and the installation is a simple task.

We love the price, the feature-set and the ease of use. However, it’s not quite time to toss out the satellite dish or cable box. At the moment we recommend this as a supplement to your current television setup. Give it some time though, and before you know it, this may well be the television media delivery system that all homes will have. The cable and satellite companies had better keep their eyes open!