Wine and Planes at Le Clos

What do wine and airplanes have to do with each other..?

Absolutely nothing… But that is not going to stop the wine connoisseurs of the world.

Case in point: Let’s take a trip to Dubai. At the world’s largest airport terminal, the new Terminal 3 in Dubai, there is a duty-free shop for the wine lovers among us…

We are talking high end wines here folks…An impressive collection of some of the most sought-after wineries and vintages dating back to the mid 40s, according to the store website. Looking for a 1961 Chateau Cheval Blanc or maybe a Chateau Petrus from 1947? Let the Le Clos staff of personal advisors assist you in your quest. California wines – no problem. Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia…it’s all covered.

With excellent service and a very nice shopping environment, the owners, Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) have really done their homework here.

Bottom line, if you are at the Dubai airport and have time to kill, this is a stop worth making. You may gain some fine wine and lighten that wallet..!