Craft Spirits at Distiller’s Festival

You’ve no doubt heard the term “micro brewery”. This is a reference to a rather diminutive beer making company – many times family run or having strictly local sales and distributions.

Now let’s bump up the alcohol content a bit and talk about spirits…gin, vodka, rum etc. Just as there are micro breweries scattered across the landscape, so are there micro distilleries. Each year these artisans gather at the Great American Distiller’s Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Kind of makes one thirsty..!

This is the fifth year for the event, and over 70 producers from across the country will be on hand. The list of events includes seminars, food pairings, tastings and a mixology contest. The keynote address will be delivered by Bill Owens, President of the American Distilling Institute.

The festival runs October 24th and 25th at the Bossanova Ballroom in Portland, with several events beginning the week before. Tickets are $16.00 for two day passes.