Movie Buzz… District 9

Do you like prawns in your pasta? Well, this movie might change your mind…or at least make you think differently when you hear the term “prawns”. Sorry…

What we have here is an under-the-radar movie release that is suddenly generating some buzz, helped along by the excellent reviews generated at Comic-Con a couple weeks ago.

Yes, District 9 is a science fiction film. Yes, it was done with a small budget by today’s standards (about 30 million). And yes, there are no big name actors on board. The only A-list member you will note in the credits is the producer, one Peter Jackson from Lord of the Rings fame. Peter has found a winner in director Neil Blomkamp, a young up-and-comer that will surely see more open doors after this fine effort.

The story takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, which also happens to be director Blomkamp’s home town. I love this choice…why do aliens have to always come to America or Paris first? The location adds a certain atmosphere to the film, and there is a distinct metaphor for apartheid present. What we have is an alien ship that has essentially run out of gas. They have been marooned on earth for some 20 years and are being kept in District 9.

As for where the story goes from there? Well, let’s just say that I will not be a spoiler today.

While not a perfect film, District 9 is one that you will surely enjoy. The movie is of high quality and sort of an unexpected treat in a summer of over-hyped blockbusters. It opens August 8th. Give it a look and let us know what you think…