Store Bought Chicken Broth

As summer winds down and autumn approaches, the mind begins turning to soup.

uh...Let me rephrase that...the mind begins thinking of soup. And soup recipes generally require a nice broth or stock for the base. Here are my recommendations for a reasonable quality store-bought broth, taking into account flavor quality, low sodium and no MSG.

Wait just one darned minute..! Did the Connoisseur say “store-bought”? Isn’t it best to make the broth yourself?


However, let’s face it folks, time is occasionally in short supply. When that is the case, these store-bought products are the solution. Here are my recommendations…

· In the category of easy to find and high quality, we like Kitchen Basics Natural Chicken Stock. Good flavor, no MSG and low sodium levels along with ready availability in most grocery stores make it a winner!

· Two other brands that we really like, but are harder to find are Pacific Organic Chicken Broth and the Wolfgang Puck Free Range Roasted Chicken Stock.

· Today’s final category – the best, but most difficult to come by (online only) belongs to Fond de Poulet Gold from More Than Gourmet. This is an all-natural highly concentrated reduction with no chemicals, preservatives, sugar or MSG. Intensely flavored, no salty aftertaste and highly recommended..!