Checkmate! Geoffrey Parker’s Silver Jubilee Chess

If you like chess… no, if you love chess, I’ve got the set for you..!

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 25th anniversary in 1977 – the Silver JubileeGeoffrey Parker developed a special chess set. No ordinary chess set was this, mind you. The set was fully approved by the United States Chess Federation and won the prestigious Design Council Award in London.

The Silver Jubilee chess set is now being re-introduced in all its glory, available in Sterling silver, Sterling silver-gilt and even solid gold, all with twin leather inlays in your choice of several colors. The board itself comes in the matching metal selection and is also trimmed with the hand inlaid leather. Two suede-lined leather book boxes house the individual pieces when not in use or on display. Additional customization is also available upon request.

Available through luxury gaming purveyor Zontik Games, a set can be yours starting at $53,795.00.